Barbara Pinke | Children's Book Author

Back2School promo 2022

Exclusive promo just for you!

On 11 August FIFTEEN (!) children e-book will be free and you can download them with only ONE click.

Many of these picture books focus on positive thinking and self-esteem which helps kids to have a great start at the school.

Here are the good news:

  • No need to have Kindly Unlimited!
  • Just click on your country button below and you can get them immediately. (The books are free also individually, so if the link doesn’t work  you can search them on Amazon)

Make sure that when you hit the “buy all” button on 11 August, the total of your purchase is ZERO.

We hope that your kids will enjoy these stories. 

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Have fun and enjoy the reading!

List of all books in this promotion

  • The Fish who Wanted to Dance With the Stars by Barbara Pinke
  • Activity Book: Handling Jealousy (Along Came Oliver) by Kelle Lima
  • Oliver and the Wishing Star by Jennifer Decker
  • Crosby the Not So Snappy Crocodile by Joanne Moore
  • Sloan the Sloth Loves Being Different by Misty Black
  • The Fun Thieves By Carli Valentine
  • My Unicorn is Going to Kindergarten (Girl Edition) by Hailee Oman and Gusty Awan
  • My Dinosaur is Going to Kindergarten (Boys Edition) by Hailee Oman and Gusty Awan
  • Search for Silver Linings (The Rhyme-Time Twins) by Etaine Raphael
  • Yogi Superhero: A Kids Yoga Book by Anna Smithers
  • Wyatt and the What Ifs Go To School by Melanie Hawkins
  • Henrietta’s Thistleberry Boots by Laura Kirby
  • Paw Elementary: Roxy’s Adventure to the Hair Salon by Katie Melko
  • Jacky & Raff and the Language of Yes by Viki de Lieme
  • It Must Be Autumn by Michelle Wang