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Review – Readers Favorite

Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite

“You become what you believe.” – Oprah Winfrey.

The Fish Who Wanted to Dance With the Stars is a children’s picture book by Barbara Pinke. Pesho the Fish was fascinated with the twinkling stars at nighttime. He told his friends that he wanted to dance with the stars, but everyone except Seaya laughed at him. She encouraged him to believe in himself. Pesho went home even more determined to make his dream a reality. That night, Pesho left home and swam as close as he could get to the surface. A shooting star flew fast across the sky and Pesho wondered if it didn’t want to dance with him. He went home feeling sad and his mother offered advice that helped Pesho overcome the fear and negativity because others had mocked him.

“Nothing is impossible if you make up your mind to do something.”

The Fish Who Wanted to Dance With the Stars is a motivational picture book about a fish who had big dreams to become friends with the stars and dance with them. Pesho’s friends laughed at his aspirations, saying it would never happen. Barbara Pinke’s cute story encourages children never to give up, even if others laugh at them. Maybe the ones who laugh also wish they could be as brave as Pesho for wanting to step out of his comfort zone, to explore and try something different. I adored the very bright illustrations and the colors used. I highly recommend this book for children, Never give up!

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