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Magilicious Journeys 2 – Adventure at Big Ben

United Kingdom -London
What would happen if you discovered a magical book that could take you on an incredible adventure?

Simon and Olivia are about to find out!
Soon after finding a wonderous book in their new home, Simon and Olivia set off to uncover a new country and its culture… and maybe a treat or two.

Will you join Simon and Olivia on this magilicious journey?

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How MAJESTIC! Simon and Olivia are having exciting new adventures in London while they try to help a new friend in trouble… the Magilicious Journeys continue! We really enjoyed reading about their – unfortunately – short, but memorable trip, and we can only recommend it to everyone who has always been enchanted by this marvellous city! We will definitely try also Nonna Viola’s famous Apple Pie!

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