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FREE Character Building Lesson Plan for 9 weeks

This is another awesome free resource for your kiddos – the Character Building Lesson Plan!

There are many (and important) topics which is covered in this Lesson Plan Package:

  • Friendship
  • Helpfulness
  • Positive Attitude
  • Embracing Differences
  • Respecting Items
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Disappointment & Perspective
  • Sleep Recharges You
  • Empowerment

These lesson plans were crafted to enhance the world around your children by two incredible professionals:

  • Charissa Bates (a children’s mental health therapist and school social worker of 10+ years) developed each ready-to-go lesson.

  • Kelle Lima (an author focused on children’s development and a designer for 10+ years) created all the worksheets & activities.

Lessons can be 15 min to 1 hour in length (or even include “take home” material).

They added multiple activities in each lesson to meet different needs, so you can personalize the lesson according to your classroom.

Their goal when creating these lessons was to bring literacy, character education, social-emotional learning, and fun, quick & easy-to-implement lessons.

Make sure you get the book listed on each lesson beforehand (either type the website or scan the QR code).

Then prepare the material, and gather supplies indicated in each lesson, such as crayons, tape, scissors, etc.

Books for the Lesson Plans

  • The Fish and the Underwater Bird by Barbara Pinke
  • Along Came Oliver by Kelle Lima
  • It Must Be Spring by Michelle Wang
  • Words Take Flight by Etaine Raphael
  • The Traveling Book – A Book About Little Free Libraries by Charissa Bates
  • Lulu And The Missing Tooth Fairy by S.E. Richey
  • Cutest Pumpkin In the Patch by Carli Valentine
  • Bellies To The Sky by Colleen Canning
  • Imagine A World Full Of Wonder by Leigha Huggins and Heather Lean

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